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Heart Pillows

(Southlake Regional Hospital)

Heart Pillows.jpg
The members work diligently to meet the ever- present demand for pillows designed for patients who have undergone heart surgery.  These pillows are hugged to support the surgery site when the patient moves about, coughs or sneezes.

Notes of Appreciation

"Hello I was fortunate to receive one of your red hearts when I had heart surgery at Southlake. ......... I can't describe how important that heart was to me as my surgery was during the time hospitals would not allow family in."

Catherine J.
"I cant thank you all enough for your hard work and donations to South Lake Hospital. My husband has just undergone open heart surgery and received a red pillow to clutch to his chest when he coughs etc. It has been a life saver. Thank you again."

Adele H.

"I am just dropping you a line to let you know how much we appreciate these lovely red hearts! I use it all the time and think of the generousity of you folks. All the best:


Sam S.

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